National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

The Department of Veteran Affairs’ National Center for PTSD offers a variety of resources that can be used by professionals and the public to understand veteran and non-veteran trauma survivors. Printable fact sheets and webinars are available.

Consultation for health care providers treating veterans:

(866) 948-7880 or

Clinician’s Trauma Update (National Center for PTSD)

A summary of clinically relevant articles on treatment of trauma survivors with links to full text articles.

PTSD Research Quarterly (National Center for PTSD)

Quarterly newsletter containing a review written by guest experts on specific topics related to PTSD. A selected bibliography with abstracts is contained within each newsletter.

PTSD 101 videos/presentations for continuing education

Online courses for providers on specialized topics related to the treatment of PTSD. Continuing education credits available for some presentations.

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Example of Topics:

  • Addressing Traumatic Guilt in PTSD Treatment
  • Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Problems in PTSD
  • Recommendations for Acute Stress Management and Prevention of PTSD
  • Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies for PTSD
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine for PTSD
  • Managing PTSD and Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders
  • Overcoming Barriers to PTSD Treatment
  • Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault During Military Service (Military Sexual Trauma)
  • Increasing the Effectiveness of Evidence-Based Treatments for PTSD
  • PTSD and Chronic Pain
  • Aging and PTSD
  • Pharmacological Treatment of PTSD and Comorbid Disorders

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network provides a number of resources for professionals, educators and families of trauma survivors. Printable fact sheets and webinars are also available.


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Online Learning Center

Example of Topics:

  • Psychological First Aid
  • Military Families
  • Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma
  • Child Traumatic Grief
  • Trauma and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Toolkit
  • Skills for Psychological Recovery
  • Preparing Our Children For Emergencies
  • Trauma and Resilience in Children
  • Polyvictimization and Complex Trauma
  • Understanding the Complex Needs of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
  • We Left One War and Came to Another: The Double Edge Sword of Resettlement in Urban Communities for Refugee Youth
  • Schools and Trauma
  • Secondary Traumatic Stress
  • Screening and Assessment for Trauma in Child Welfare Settings
  • Terrorism, Disaster and Children
  • Transforming Trauma in LGBT Youth
  • Trauma-Informed Integrated Healthcare

Professional Organizations for Trauma Providers and Researchers

Below is a list of selected organizations who offer fellowship, continuing education and other training materials.

American Psychological Association’s Trauma Division (Division 56)

  • Course and seminar syllabi available at graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Education and training materials on trauma research and practice
  • Review of available mental health and trauma apps for patients and providers

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

EMDR International Association

Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress

Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury

Academy on Violence and Abuse

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Trauma Newsletters

IMPACT (National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

Trauma Psychology News (Trauma Division of American Psychological Association)

StressPoints (International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies)

Clinician’s Trauma Update (National Center for PTSD)
A summary of clinically relevant articles on treatment of trauma survivors with links to full text articles.


Online Databases Where One Can Find Research and Clinical Information on Trauma

Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress (PILOTS)



Trauma Competency Guideline for Training in Trauma Psychology/Mental Health

Guidelines on Trauma Competencies for Education and Training

Cook, J. M., & Newman, E., & The New Haven Trauma Competency Group. (2014). A consensus statement on trauma mental health: The New Haven Competency Conference process and major findings. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 6(4), 300-307.


PTSD Clinical Practice Guidelines

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

National Institute for Clinical Excellence (UK)

Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense

Australian Center for Posttraumatic Mental Health


Trauma and PTSD Assessment Tools Online

NC-PTSD provides information about a variety of trauma-specific and more general assessment tools including the widely used PTSD Checklist

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies


Fact Sheets on Trauma and Related Issues

National Institute of Mental Health fact sheets

Example of Topics

  • What is PTSD?
  • Who gets PTSD?
  • What are the symptoms of PTSD?
  • Do children react differently than adults?
  • How is PTSD detected?
  • Why do some people get PTSD and others do not?
  • How is PTSD treated?
  • What efforts are under way to improve detection and treatment of PTSD?
  • How can you help a friend or relative with PTSD?
  • Where can one go for help?

National Center for PTSD

Research on Women, Trauma, and PTSD

Sexual Trauma: Information for Women's Medical Providers

Effects of Disaster on People with Severe Mental Illness

PTSD in Children and Adolescents

PTSD in Refugees

Trauma, PTSD, and Attachment in Infants and Young Children