Healthy Interpersonal Dynamics

This semester, my friend Professor Heidi Brooks asked me to co-teach an Interpersonal Dynamics class with her at Yale’s School of Management. Heidi has taught this highly coveted innovative course for over a decade and is a phenomenal speaker. I could audio-record her lectures and listen to them for days afterwards.

For me, it’s been a privilege and a challenge. Although I earned my PhD almost 20 years ago and have spent the majority of my professional life helping people with their internal selves as well as their relationships, the application of these skills to business and organizations is new to me.

Many of the required and suggested readings for the course are incredibly helpful. But one that I'm particularly soaking up is a New York Times business bestseller, Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most. Wow, I can’t help but think the world could benefit from this book. I know I am!